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Smash Sisters Bound! :iconsailordiana:SailorDiana 35 0
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 1 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 25 56
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 2 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 20 33
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 3 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 22 28
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 4 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 19 45
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 5 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 22 43
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 6 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 16 47
Mature content
The Spa, Chapter 7 :iconcuria-dd:Curia-DD 15 74
Mature content
Planet of the Slaves 1: The Partnership of Captors :iconendlessdream21zx:EndlessDream21ZX 57 3
Nicole and Rachel: Home Alone
“We’re heading out now, dear. Enjoy your evening, we’ll be back later tonight.” Nicole’s mother called from the front door.
“Bye Mom! Bye Dad!” the 18-year old called back. “Enjoy your anniversary dinner!” Through the window of her bedroom, she watched her parents walk down the driveway and get into the car and drive off.
After giving it a couple of minutes, just in case they had forgotten anything and had to come back, Nicole got up from the window and went to her closet. Stashed far in the back, hopefully where no prying parents would find it, was an old shoe box. Filling it was a mixed collection of scarves, bandanas, old rolls of duct tape, varying lengths of rope and a few other items the teen had gathered during her years of playing ‘tie-up games’ with her close friend Rachel.
Nicole deposited the box on the bed and went and grabbed her laptop, taking it over to the bed as well. She opened it up and went to the sit
:iconachast:Achast 41 23
Mature content
Zahra Zip-tied :iconachast:Achast 52 15
Victoria Vanished
The ancient, dusty floorboards of the old mansion groaned underfoot as the four-members of the Spring Valley Mystery Society quietly crept through the deserted house. Outside, the rain still poured down in sheets, lashing against the dirty window panes. The shutters clattered, blowing in the wind. A bolt of lightning briefly flashed across the sky, lighting up the long, narrow hallways. Just as quickly, it vanished, leaving only the thin, quivering beam of the girls’ flashlight. A second later, a clap of thunder rolled through the mansion, shaking the house.
“Ah! What was that?” Hilary said, jumping. The 18-year old blonde girl glanced around nervously. “Why don’t we just go home?”
“It’s just a little thunder, Hil.” The second girl, a tall brunette named Bethany replied. She stood at the front of the group, holding their single flashlight. “Don’t be such a scaredy-cat! We’re this close to discovering what’s b
:iconachast:Achast 60 5
Mature content
Wendy's Weekend :iconachast:Achast 42 11
Mature content
Xena's X-Cross :iconachast:Achast 21 13
Yoko's Yard Sale
“Well this sucks…” Yoko thought glumly. The young woman groaned miserably into her gag. A large rubber ball was clenched between her teeth. Two leather straps were attached to the sides of the ball. They circled around her head, buckled tight at the back. Two more straps extended up from these, joining into one at the bridge of her nose. This was pulled over her head and attached at the back. Another strap was pulled under her chin, holding her mouth clamped shut on the gag.
The 18 year old girl shifted her body, trying to find a less uncomfortable position. Her choices were…limited, to say the least. Yoko knelt on the ground in the yard. The trim, green grass beneath her legs was still damp with early morning dew. The teenage girl shivered. It was still rather chilly out and she was still dressed in the clothes she’d gone to bed in: a pair of light blue panties and an old t-shirt. Her straight, black hair was braided into pigtails, hanging over her shou
:iconachast:Achast 87 20
Tiffany Trussed
Tiffany lay on the floor of her bedroom. The young woman’s wrists had been crossed behind her back and bound with rope. Her ankles had been bound as well, and a rope run between her hands and feet, leaving her hogtied. Cloth had been stuffed into her mouth until her cheeks bulged, gagging her and a scarf pulled between her teeth to keep it in. Another scarf was tied across her eyes, leaving the helpless woman in the darkness.
The young woman moaned into her gag, crying tears into the cloth covering her eyes. Her shoulders ached from the strain of her position, her arms and legs were starting to fall asleep. Her jaw ached from the packing in her mouth, silencing her sobs. It had only been a short while since she’d been left like this, but it already felt like hours…
The nightmare had started less than an hour ago. Tiffany had been in bed, reading a book, when the door of her bedroom had been kicked in and two men wearing ski masks, brandishing pistols had stormed into
:iconachast:Achast 86 14


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Tony McPheron
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